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Patricia O’Keeffe is a Professional Energy Therapist offering Bio-Energy Therapy, Corrective Sound Therapy and Mindfulness and Meditation for Clients

Client Focused Approach to Recovery

Qualified Bio-Energy Healer

Offering Holistic Healing for Adults & Children


Call now for more information on anyof my holistic therapy services

Client Testimonials

"I have had two Bio Energy healing sessions with Patricia so far and I can’t recommend her sessions enough.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from the first session because I had never tried this kind of healing before. At the time, I was going through a lot of challenges in my life and I wanted to regain a sense of balance and positivity. I was willing to try anything that would make me feel more centred. Patricia’s kind, supportive and patient nature made the session easy and relaxing. I left feeling refreshed and much better than I ever thought I could at the time, given what was going on for me. I would recommend Patricia to anyone even considering energy healing and I’m looking forward to having more sessions with her in the future.”

Sarah, Dublin

''From the very first session, I felt like an emotional stress had been lifted’'

“I had 4 bio energy treatments with Patricia over a five week period. I was going through some work stress and was interested to try something new. From the very first session, I felt like an emotional stress had been lifted. The treatment itself feels very nurturing and reassuring. One of the most surprising results was how energised I felt afterwards, as if a weight had been lifted. I would highly recommend bio energy treatments and Patricia who was very calming and knowledgeable.”

Louise, Dublin

“She managed to make my emotions flow without even needing to talk to me”

"I had the chance to see Patricia at the end of last year since it had been a long time since I got my chakras checked, all I have to say is that at the end of the session I felt very relaxed as she managed to make my emotions flow without even needing to talk to me, I finally felt as if stuff that I had been carrying for long left my body and allowed me to flow and feel more at peace, she made me feel very comfortable and in a safe zone where it was ok to let my emotions come out. Definitely recommend her services."

Lois, Dublin

Patricia's Qualifications 

  • Diploma in Bio Energy (Bio Energy Academy in Dublin)

  • Certified Practitioner of the Dawson Program (Dawson Program, Dublin)

  • Certificate in Touch for Health Synthesis awarded by the International Kinesiology College

  • Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness (The Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin)

  • Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (The Open College)

  • History and Sociology Degree (University College Maynooth)

  • Higher Diploma in Business Studies (University College Dublin)

  • Member of the Bio Energy Therapists Association in Dublin

  • Meditation Studio Contributer

About Bio Energy

Our physical body is permeated with bio-energy. It forms a blueprint that guides the growth and maintenance of all body structure. The energy circulates in the meridian system (acupuncture points) and in the chakra system. Ill health occurs when the energy is blocked. Bio energy works by clearing the energy blocks and restoring the flow of energy.

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