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Patricia O’Keeffe offers Professional Holistic Energy Healingsuitable for Adults & Children 

About Patricia O’Keeffe

Patricia O’Keeffe

Welcome. My name is Patricia and I am a qualified Bio-Energy Therapist, Corrective Sound Therapist, and Mindfulness & Meditation Facilitator based in North County Dublin.

My journey as a therapist began over 10 years ago when I began to explore holistic approaches that aim to bring balance to the mind and body. Many years ago, I started attending mindfulness and meditation classes and I began to meditate daily.

Over time, I became aware of how meditation can instil balance and positivity in the body, and by inviting this calmness I was living a healthier and happier life. These experiences propelled me to share and teach others about the benefits of mindfulness. I set up my own business Patricia O’Keeffe, Healthy Mind & Body in 2017, facilitating classes and workshops for community groups and businesses. 

Where it All Started

My interest in energy healing was sparked when I read about Chakras and realised that everything is energy. Thus, healing happens to the mind and body when energy is changed.

I began to study energy as a form of healing. Energy healing, like meditation, looks at the mind and body connection. My passion for the spiritual, chakras, healing, mind, and body was awakened. When I learnt about Bio Energy and its powerful and gentle healing techniques I studied and qualified as a Bio-Energy Therapist and completed a QQI certificate course in anatomy and physiology.

I furthered my energy healing skills and trained as a Corrective Sound Practitioner (Dawson Program) in Dublin. The Dawson Program uses a simple kinesiology technique to measure the vibrational frequency of the client’s energy fields and physiology.

If the energy fields and physiology are not at the correct vibrational frequency they can be corrected with co-relating vibrational sound frequencies.

This transformative program uses traditional instruments such as Buddhist bells, conch shells, and chakra bells to heal.

Seeing clients complete their sessions and noticing their health improve with each treatments inspires me to continue sharing my passion and skill with everyone I can. 


My aim is to restore optimum health through energy healing.I am deeply committed to helping people develop their own pathways to enable them to lead happier and healthier lives

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Member of the Bio Energy Therapists Association in Dublin

  • Diploma in Bio Energy (Bio Energy Academy in Dublin)

  • Certificate in Touch for Health Synthesis awarded by the International Kinesiology College

  • Certified Practitioner of the Dawson Program (Dawson Program, Dublin)

  • Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness (The Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin)

  • Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (The Open College)

  • History and Sociology Degree (University College Maynooth)

  • Higher Diploma in Business Studies (University College Dublin)

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