Patricia O’Keeffe

Patricia O’Keeffe is a professional Dublin Energy Healer offering Bio-Energy Healing, Corrective Sound Therapy, Mindfulness & Meditation Coaching for Clients


Over 10 Years of Industry Experience

Qualified Bio-Energy Healer

Offering Holistic Healing for Adults & Children

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Client Testimonials

Patricia O’Keeffe

"I have had two Bio Energy healing sessions with Patricia so far and I can’t recommend her sessions enough.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from the first session because I had never tried this kind of healing before. At the time, I was going through a lot of challenges in my life and I wanted to regain a sense of balance and positivity. I was willing to try anything that would make me feel more centred. Patricia’s kind, supportive and patient nature made the session easy and relaxing. I left feeling refreshed and much better than I ever thought I could at the time, given what was going on for me. I would recommend Patricia to anyone even considering energy healing and I’m looking forward to having more sessions with her in the future.”

Sarah, Dublin

''From the very first session, I felt like an emotional stress had been lifted’'

“I had 4 bio energy treatments with Patricia over a five week period. I was going through some work stress and was interested to try something new. From the very first session, I felt like an emotional stress had been lifted. The treatment itself feels very nurturing and reassuring. One of the most surprising results was how energised I felt afterwards, as if a weight had been lifted. I would highly recommend bio energy treatments and Patricia who was very calming and knowledgeable.”

Louise, Dublin

“She managed to make my emotions flow without even needing to talk to me”

"I had the chance to see Patricia at the end of last year since it had been a long time since I got my chakras checked, all I have to say is that at the end of the session I felt very relaxed as she managed to make my emotions flow without even needing to talk to me, I finally felt as if stuff that I had been carrying for long left my body and allowed me to flow and feel more at peace, she made me feel very comfortable and in a safe zone where it was ok to let my emotions come out. Definitely recommend her services."

Lois, Dublin

“This was a very uplifting experience for all involved”

“Patricia did a two day in-house course for our company. We found Patricia had a very calm, soothing and relaxing voice and persona which instantly relaxed the entire room. All participants thoroughly enjoyed the course and were very relaxed for the week after it. I’m sure some of them if not all still use some of the techniques we learnt during this course. This was a very uplifting experience for all involved as most staff members had never experienced mindfulness.”

St Anthony’s Parish Centre, Dublin

“Her voice and timing add to the lyrical nature of each meditation”

Patricia created a magnificent collection of meditations for our 5-star app, Meditation Studio. These are focused on Life Transitions and are a perfect blend of wisdom, compassion, guidance on finding stillness and exploring new perspectives. We absolutely love her work. Her voice and timing add to the lyrical nature of each meditation. She is truly an amazing meditation guide filled with ‘heartfulness,’ ‘kindness,’ 'gratefulness', and, of course, mindfulness."

Patricia Karpas, Co-founder Meditation Studio App, New York

“I felt a huge difference in my core health and wellbeing and made a full recovery”

I am delighted to recommend Patricia O'Keeffe for anyone looking for energy work in Dublin. I saw Patricia after a period of severe illness, where conventional therapies had not helped resolve my pain levels or level of health. Within just a few sessions I felt a huge difference in my core health and wellbeing and made a full recovery. Patricia's gentle, quiet and calm demeanour created a very safe environment for the energy work we did and I felt protected and restored at every stage of the treatment. I cannot thank Patricia enough for her help in resolving my health issues and cannot recommend her services enough!

Orla, Dublin

Welcome to Patricia O’Keeffe

My name is Patricia O’Keeffe and I am a qualified Bio-Energy Therapist, Corrective Sound Therapist, and Mindfulness Facilitator based in Dublin.
I began my journey as a therapist over a decade ago, exploring holistic approaches to balancing the mind and body.


After learning about the huge impact of energy on the internal flow of the body, I was inspired to establish my business with the main approach being to help my clients restore balance and harmony in their bodies through energy healing.

I work with clients experiencing a range of mental and physical disorders, taking a holistic and individualised approach. By working with simple kinesiology techniques, vibrational fields, and traditional instruments such as Buddhist bells, conch shells, and chakra bells, I aim to create harmony and balance in the body with palpable results.

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Diploma in Bio Energy (Bio Energy Academy in Dublin)
  • Certified Practitioner of the Dawson Program (Dawson Program, Dublin)
  • Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness (The Institute of Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy, Dublin)
  • Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology (The Open College)
  • History and Sociology Degree (University College Maynooth)
  • Higher Diploma in Business Studies (University College Dublin)
  • Chair of the Bio Energy Therapists Association in Dublin
  • Dawson Program Corrective Sound Therapist
  • Meditation Studio Contributer
  • The Webby Awards Nominee

Patricia O’Keeffe FAQ

  • Where can I find an energy healer near me?

    Patricia O’Keeffe is a Dublin energy healer and holistic therapist offering a range of services including bio-energy healing, corrective sound therapy, and mindfulness & meditation facilitation.

  • How does bio-energy healing work?

    Bio-Energy Healing is based on the belief that each individual is surrounded by a field of energy known as their “aura”. Oftentimes, these energy fields can become blocked and throw the body out of balance, causing emotional or physical distress. Bio-Energy Healing works by clearing blockages as they flow through the body’s energy centres, which are known as chakras.

  • What are the benefits of energy healing?

    There are a number of benefits to energy healing. Energy healing may contribute to the reduction of stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other emotional, physical, and spiritual discomforts.