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Patricia O’Keeffe is a Mindfulness and Meditation facilitator offering online & face-to-face classes and workshops

Mindfulness & Meditation

In today’s busy world, mindfulness and meditation is a fantastic way to bring calmness to the mind and body and reduce stress. Mindfulness and meditation can bring improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in health, attitudes and behaviour.

Patricia O’Keeffe has facilitated many different groups over the years introducing mindfulness and meditation for people to help learn simple techniques to use themselves.

Here at Patricia O’Keeffe, my style of meditation is breath, body, inspiration and visualization helping to bring mind and body into the present moment.


Wellbeing Workshops For Business

The Wellbeing Workshops gives staff members the skills and tools to invite calmness and positivity.

Program Content: Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation, Stress Management, Advice on Healthy Eating and Growing a Positive MindsetHealth Benefits: Reduces Stress, Increases Workplace Positivity and Improves FocusOnsite or Remote workshopsDuration and Program Content suitable for you and your staff membersPlease complete the contact sheet on the contacts page for further information

Patricia O’Keeffe Mindfulness & Meditation Courses

Community Groups

My Life Transitions Course is a six-week course tailored specifically for people who are going through changes in their life. From my own personal experience, I believe that mindfulness can enhance positivity when stressful life changes occur.

The course content for Life Transitions includes; mindfulness practices, affirmations, poetry and self-development.I also teach mindfulness to the elderly in nursing homes.


For more information onMindfulness & Meditation Classesget in touch

Patricia O’Keeffe Original Meditations

I have had the opportunity to record a number of my meditations with the meditation app

The medications recorded include the ‘Life Transitions’ mediations, sleep meditations, children’s mediations (nominated for the prestigious Webby Award ‘Good night kiddo’ in 2019), and sleep journeys.

These can be accessed through the site.

Original Meditations
Original Meditations

Mindfulness & Meditation FAQ

What is the difference between mindfulness and meditation?

The main difference between mindfulness and meditation is that mindfulness is the practise of being acutely aware of the present moment, while meditation involves going a little more inward and developing awareness to the body or mind. Mindfulness Meditation, however, is a form of meditation that uses both practises simultaneously to bring a state of calm, peace, and awareness.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation has countless benefits including the reduction of stress and anxiety as well as the increase of self-awareness, patience, tolerance, creativity, peace, and imagination.

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